Dice Roller


Dice Roller screenshot


A simple and configurable dice roller for RPGs.

Allows for changing the colors of the dice, configuring the dice displayed in the dice bag, and quickly selecting the current dice from the 10 most used combinations.

Includes the following dice:

  • d30
  • d20
  • d12
  • d10
  • d8
  • d6
  • d4
  • d3
  • percentile

This application is ad-supported and requires Internet access for the ads.

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The dice in the center of the screen are the currently selected dice. The dice at the bottom of the screen are in the dice bag. To add a die, click the die on the bottom of the screen in the dice bag.

If the dice bag contains more dice than can be shown on the screen, it can be scrolled horizontally. You can configure the dice that are available in the dice bag in Preferences -> Dice Bag.

To remove a die, click the die in the center of the screen.

To roll, tap the "Roll Dice" button in the top left of the screen.

To quickly change between dice sets, use the spinner in the top right of the screen. The spinner will automatically store your 10 most used dice combinations, ordering them by most popular first.

The color of the dice (and the dice numbers) can be changed in Preferences->Dice Colors.

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